Invest in Yourself

November 14, 2019

There is a limit to what you can get for free, if you ever want to become a better person in life, you have to invest in yourself. Just like financial investment where you let go of a sum with an expectation of an increase (profit) which is the return on the investment.

In the same understand it is essential to invest in your personal growth. I view success in life as “impacting your world through the investment of your personality. This, makes one of the important ingredient of success to be investing in your person first. A principle of law and life is that “you can’t give what you don’t


The sooner you realize that investing in yourself determines the amount of value you can give out. And the amount of value you give out determines the amount of wealth that can return back to you. The world pays for value. Globally cash is only exchanged for value (work done, services rendered, problem solved, solution provided etc.). The more solution you are able to solve the more wealth you get in return. How then do you solve a problem when you don’t have the solution? The place of having a solution is the place of investing in yourself.

Pay for Value, so you can give and add value. And in return your Value is being exchanged for wealth. Life is not measured by the luxury you have but by how you have been able to impact the lives of others by who you are and what you know,

The Best things in life aren’t free. They Lied, There is a pathway to success, the street is called sacrifice, it’s an untarred and uncomfortable route, but it’s worth it in the end. Make that turn; take that professional course, online course, attend that seminar or webinar Learn that Skills, Buy and Read that Book, buy into and invest in what you want to become.

Thank you. You can talk to me about choosing an ideal professional course or online course to boost your career prospect and earning potential. OR You can visit my online course library for recommended online courses.

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