Strategies for Personal Development and Business Development

Feb 28, 2020

Strategy is simply a way of describing how you are going to get things done. How to move from where you are (here) to where to want to be (there) as a person and in your business.

The Growth or Change you desire as a person or to your business won’t just happen overnight, it would take a strategic and intentional process. Strategic thinking and planning transport your from where you are to your desired destination or recreate your visions into celebrated reality.

Preparing a strategy for your personal or business development

The best and most preferred approach is to treat your strategy making session as developing a set of answers to five interlinked questions. Here are the five strategic questions that can help you become better as a person and at your business.·        

Where are you now?

This is your current situation. For your personal development , you consider Where you are with your finance, intellect, spirituality, Career, Health, Love Life , Family, what qualifications, skills, knowledge do you have now. For your business you consider Where you are with your finance , the quality of service you are providing, Clientele , visibility , location etc·        


How did you get here ?

Retrace the steps of how you got to where you are. This is quick review of what you have done to get to where you are. What you did right and what you did wrong. The knowledge, qualification or skill acquired, the growth process up till that point or the otherwise. Identify your strength in your current growth, and also the the weakness that had affected the growth.

Where you want to be ? (The Vision)

Third, think about the place you want to be in the future, your Vision. Relating it you where you are, … Now consider where you want to be what improvement do you in your finance, intellectual life, Career, Health , your love life or in your business what are your expectations on your status or that of your business in one, two , three or give years.

How do I get there ? (Planning)

Asks yourself what you should do to get there. What to do to get (there) to my goal. Now this where the real strategy comes to play, its easy to dream of becoming everything you want to become in life or in your business , but it will remain an illusion without an action plan.

Setting out an action plan (what to do) recreate your thoughts and expectations into a celebrated reality. So, what should you do at this stage , draw out the Things to do to achieve hose vision and expectations in Step 3. What skill do you need to achieve, what knowledge or new information do you need to get to switch up career or help you perform better as an individual or in your business. What attitude do you need to drop or pick up , to make out build the personality or brand image you want for yourself or your business. You have to set them all out.

What do I Need to get there ?

And finally, ask what kind of assets will you need to help you with your endeavor.what are the reasources needed to actualize your action plans i.e Finance, books, new networks, conference, training etc. Get this things and checklist your to dos and you are on a path to achieving your desired goals


Strategy without a process is more like a wishlist, The essence of strategy is not just choosing what to do but also what not to do. Strategy is thinking about a choice and choosing to stick with your thinking it help you identify your needs, a solution and help you focus on what to do to achieve your deserved result . If you decide to go north, you cannot go south at the same time.

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